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We do not simply use high quality raw materials, we also constantly monitor every production, stocking and distribution step by carrying out painstaking analyses on every single batch of every single Supplement. All our supplements meet the most stringent quality standards.

Senza Glutine All the products of the Colours of Life line are certified gluten-free.

Senza Alluminio Many food supplements use aluminum as a pillar sealer. During the "induction sealing" process an aluminum sheet is applied to the full container, which is strongly heated by a high-frequency electromagnetic field which could potentially modify the characteristics of the product.
Certificazione GMP All products are processed according to GMP, Good Manufacturing Practice standards that ensure product control at all stages of processing.

Our transparency: how to read the label

Come leggere l'etichetta Come leggere l'etichetta

  1. The cap provides excellent protection against external agents and microorganisms: the safety cap with pull-tab and additional barrier guaranteed by a customized sleeve
  2. PETG 1 bottles in various colours to both protect the functional ingredients from light and make the products more visible on crowded shelves, thus reinforcing the brand quality image
  3. The label shows in a clear way product name, main functional ingredients and indications, that is the purpose of the product
  4. Optima Naturals uses labels with colors like gold and silver to highlight the quality, resulting in an impact effect. Labels are more visible and easier to read, working as a “magnifying glass”. The Optima Naturals brand is a guarantee of quality
  5. Custom image of each single reference facilitates product recognizability
  6. The label clearly indicates the extracts and titrations with particular reference to the drug / extract ratio that explains the concentration of the functional ingredient
  7. Here are clearly the indications, the maximum permitted daily dosage amounts, the warnings and the recruitment methods
  8. Here are the storage methods. The silver box clearly indicates the expiration date and the production batch