Food supplement

Gonfiore Tripla Azione

A comprehensive formula to relieve the feeling of abdominal bloating due to digestive difficulties and intestinal dysbiosis conditions.

COD. PARAF 950000063 | PRICE € 18.50 | FORMAT 60 580 mg capsules

Activated vegetable charcoal, thanks to its adsorptive capacity, is able to retain air and unwanted liquids, reducing the unpleasant feeling of bloating and abdominal tension.

Extracts of Fennel, Anise and Cardamom are known for their digestive and especially carminative properties, due to the aromatic compounds naturally present in the essential oils, which help eliminate excess gas. In some South East Asian countries, it is traditional to consume the seeds at the end of a meal to aid digestion and leave a pleasant sensation of freshness in the mouth.

Chamomile has digestive properties and helps relax smooth muscles, decreasing the feeling of abdominal tension. Lactobacillus acidophilus Complex, based on probiotic strains, helps balance intestinal flora.

How to use

Take 1-2 capsules with a little water or other beverage to taste

Indications for use


Mean value for maximum daily dose

2 tablets

Activated charcoal

200 mg

Fennel d.e.*

120 mg

Cardamom d.e.*

120 mg

Chamomile d.e.*

Of which apigenin

100 mg

0,30 mg

Anise d.e.*

100 mg

Lactobacillus acidophilus Complex

100 mg

Thyme d.e.*

20 mg

*dry extract

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