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Why Plus

Perchè i nostri integratori sono Plus?

The best combinations made to measure for your functionalities

Optima Naturals has followed the most arduous road to provide full efficiency of its Colours of Life food supplements; we did not simply identify the best certified raw materials featuring high titration, we also developed complex formulas where the synergy of the main components make the Supplement even more active.

Vegetable Extract principles often require a complex metabolization and can thus be supported in this delicate process by mineral elements and vitamins working as carriers to improve their delivery and assimilation by our organism.

Optima Naturals developers make reference to the evolution of natural products and the individuals’ needs to offer cutting-edge and efficient formulations in line with the most recent international scientific researches.

Food Supplements and High Quality Skincare Products


All our supplements meet the most stringent quality standards:

GMP Manufacturing International GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certification guarantees that all production and subsequent stages are documented and monitored, both in Italy and abroad;

ISO Certification It is a certification that imposes strict production standards to ensure greater safety, consistency and high quality for consumers.

Gluten Free Wherever possible, we use raw materials that naturally do not contain gluten and we carry out additional analyses on each batch to further verify the absence of gluten (< 20 ppm, as established by the Italian Celiac Association).

Lactose Free We use raw materials, functional actives and excipients, which naturally do not contain lactose and lactoderivatives, and we prepare additional analyses on each batch to further verify the absence of these compounds.

Suitable for Vegetarian and Vegans In addition to using non-animal raw materials wherever possible, we prefer vegetable gelatine capsules. We also offer formulas such as the VEGAN multivitamin, which is suitable for vegans, but above all is also ideal for those starting out on this diet, to make the transition less drastic and avoid nutritional deficiencies.

BIO Certification Wherever possible, we use organic raw materials, following the regulations that control and certify organic farming. The directives on organic farming are regulated by Reg. No. 834/2007, which provides for complete traceability of the product including the method of cultivation, harvesting, preparation of the raw material, production, transport and storage.

Our transparency: how to read the label

How to read the label: Food Supplement How to read the label: Food Supplement
  1. The cap provides excellent protection of the contents from external agents and microorganisms: the safety cap with the pull tab and a second barrier provided by a customised sleeve.
  2. Bottles of various colours, in PET 1 FOOD GRADE quality, are used both to protect the functional ingredients from light and to stand out on crowded shelves and reinforce the brand's quality image.
  3. The front of the label clearly indicates: the name of the Product, the main Functional Ingredients that characterise it and the Claims: i.e. what the product is useful for.
  4. Optima Naturals uses labels with colours such as gold and silver to highlight quality, achieving an impactful effect. The visibility and readability of the label is increased because it acts as a ‘magnifying glass'. The brand Optima Naturals brand guarantees its quality.
  5. The eyelet clearly states the number of capsules or tablets in the bottle and the weight of the individual tablet.
  6. The personalised image of each individual reference facilitates product recognition.
  7. The label clearly indicates the extracts and titrations with particular reference to the drug/extract ratio which concentration of the functional ingredient.
  8. The indications, the quantities of the maximum permitted daily intake are clearly marked here, warnings and how to take it.
  9. The storage conditions are indicated here. The silver box clearly indicates the expiry date and the production batch.
  10. QR Code takes you to a web page with warnings and instructions for use in 6 different languages.

All our eudermic creams are characterised by:

Bollino Aloe Vera BIO ORGANIC ALOE VERA, certified Cosmos Organic, as the FIRST ingredient in the INCI*.
*not available for ANTI-ITCH COMPLEX

Bollino Vegan OK All our formulas are free of ingredients of animal origin.

Bollino Aloe Vera BIO All our formulas are tested for the absence of Nickel (< 1 ppm).

Bollino Aloe Vera BIO Analyses are carried out on each production batch to exclude the presence of micro-organisms.

Our eudermic creams are NATURALLY WITHOUT

Non contiene Parabens - Colorants - Petrolatum - Alcohol - Silicons - OGM - TEA (Triethanolamine)

How to read the label: Eudermical Creams

How to read the label: Eudermical Creams How to read the label: Eudermical Creams
  1. The front of the label clearly indicates the name of the product and the main Functional Ingredients it contains, which characterise it.
  2. The eyelet shows the percentage of the main functional active within the formulation.
  3. Here the positioning is reported, i.e. what the product is useful for.
  4. The image, personalised for each reference, represents the active ingredient characterising the formula.
  5. This indicates the use of natural ingredients and their percentage quantity in the formula.
  6. The labels are synonymous with quality: VEGAN OK, NICKEL TESTED (< 0,00001%), ORGANIC ALOE VERA, PRODUCT MICROBIOLOGICALLY CONTROLLED.
  7. The product is DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED, the pH and the percentage of ingredients of organic origin used are reported. employed.
  8. Here you will find the method of use and warnings, both in Italian and English.
  9. List of ingredients in international INCI nomenclature, where * indicates ingredients of organic origin.
  10. PAO symbol, Period After Opening, indicating how many months the product should be consumed after opening.